Lennart Hallström plays the Djembe in several music groups in Stockholm, and has been teaching, playing for African dance and making instructional material for djembe players since 1994.

After having only been interested in traditional drumming for West African dancing, he has in recent years been playing for classes in modern dance and liberating dance, as well as for
dance parties and discos with his drummers only group 'Drums4Dance'.

He has also played for various singer/songwriters over the years, and has then developed a more delicate and sensitive way of playing that is expressed in JORDTON, where presence and sensitivity is essential. The healing power of the drum rhythms is joined by very good company.

Lennart has his own DJEMBE CENTER in Stockholm, with a drum shop and a recording studio for his drum classes. He sells, makes and repair djembe drums
and has produced instructional material for djembe players all over the world:

  • 'African Drum Rhythms' is an instructional book with 3 Example CDs for
    those who really want to devote themselves to the West African djembe drum. There is also a Study Guide to the main book for groups and teachers.

  • 'Let´s Play the Djembe' is a beginner´s book with an Exampl CD that will teach you the basics of djembe playing.

  • 'The Practice CD Set' consists of 10 different CDs with African rhythms intended for practising, for those who has nobody to play with.

  • 'Notation Playback' is a freeware program for PC that lists and play back
    your notated djembe rhythms. It can be downloaded from the website.

Read about djembes, African rhythms and drumclasses on Lennarts websites:

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